Pure Essential Oil Lemon Myrtle 15ml


100% Pure essential oil Lemon Myrtle


Ingredients and Usage:
100% Pure essential oil Lemon Myrtle

Diffuser: Make your own reed diffuser oil, add 15-20 drops of oil to a carrier oil, or add to water with a dash of alcohol. Depending on the size of your electric diffuser, as a guide add 5-10 drops to a 200ml diffuser (refer to instructions on your diffuser).

Burner: Fill oil burner dish with warm water and add 5-10 drops of essential oil. Top up water as necessary to avoid evaporation.

Perfume: Add 5 drops of essential oil to 5ml of carrier/base oil, or dab straight from the bottle.

Feet: Apply 2 – 3 drops to the soles of your feet for rapid absorption.

Massage: Add 20-40 drops per 100ml of carrier/base oil.

Skin Care: Add 20-40 drops per 100ml of carrier/base oil, cream, lotion, body butter, etc. for face and body. For a facial mask add 5-10 drops to moistened clay.

Bathing: Add 10-20 drops to bath water, may also be added to foot spas & hand soaks. Add 5-10 drops to base of shower for inhalation or apply to face washer.

Cleaning: Add 10-20 drops to a bucket of warm water / mop bucket for a fresh, natural lingering scent. Add 5-10 drops to a spray bottle of water for a handy surface cleaner or room spray. For laundry, add 10-20 drops to your load of washing.

For longevity of product, store below 30°C, keep in a cool, dry environment & away from direct sunlight.

Please use above information as a guide only and undertake your own research regarding the suitability of essential oils for your personal circumstances.