Home Decor Inspired by Nature

Beautiful home decor inspired by nature, made with heart and soul and include eco-friendly elements like being handmade from recycled, repurposed or sustainable products. Therefore, each piece is unique and has its own story and distinctive identity. Be inspired to create beautiful spaces and a perfect country style home. Create a ‘bright and airy’ bedroom or a ‘warm and cozy’ living area, in conclusion, create a welcoming home with a style that you love.

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‘Love your skin’ Treat yourself to some skin luxury, after all you deserve only the best. Natural handcrafted soaps are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Above all, our soaps are handmade in Australia using ‘good old fashion’ cold process soap making techniques. Most Importantly, they are made from all natural sustainable ingredients. 

Our extensive range will find a soap suitable for everyone, from scrubby botanical’s to creamy goats milk. Whether you like fruity, floral or earthy aroma’s, each soap is uniquely handcrafted. Full details for each soap is on our handmade soap shop page, read more here.


Get Inspired

Surround yourself with love, family and friendships, and things that make you feel good. Browse our range and you will always find something new and exciting, with products added on a regular basis. We offer a flat rate delivery anywhere in Australia for only $15 per order. In addition, all deliveries have full tracking while in transit, this gives you the peace of mind to shop online with confidence.

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Inspiration for a country style home

Your home is your special place, the most important element for a country style is to make sure it is relaxing and comfortable. Firstly, country style is generally a soft look with natural finishes and very warm and welcoming. Secondly, the look does not have to be perfect, in fact, relaxed and lived in is more inviting. Finally, create your style with home decor inspired by nature.

Let your home tell the story

A few scratches and imperfections give the house character and history, let these features be part of the look.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

This is where friends and family congregate, after all, much love comes out of the kitchen. Remember, make this space homely with timber and stone, neutral tones with splashes of gorgeous blues, muted greens and soft grey’s.

Country style dinning

Open plan living has become extremely popular in the layout of homes. Once upon a time the table was in the kitchen, but now this living space extends out to the dining room. Better still, no country scheme is compete without a farmhouse table with enough space for family and friends to enjoy good food and the company of loved ones.


Natural Handmade Soaps

Beautiful Bathrooms

If you are lucky enough to be doing a complete renovation, undoubtedly, you can create a beautiful space. Regardless, this can still be achievable working with what you have quite simply.

Choose a colour scheme, if possible, one that will work with your existing tiles and go from there. Baskets not only add a nice texture, but also a practical storage solution. Interesting pots and vases, on their own or add some flowers or plants, will all compliment the look. Above all, this is a space of luxury. Soft fluffy towels, beautiful soaps and candles will all get you in the zone and help you relax and unwind.


Country Photography by CHM Photography

Australia is famous for its diversity.  It’s our natural wonders and wide-open spaces, its cities and beaches, the deserts and the bush.

I could be anywhere when I see a picture, it all comes from the heart.

I see the beauty in the harshness of the land, and I feel the emotion of the landscape. What is more, I don’t see a picture, I feel it and part of my process is to bring that feeling and emotion to each picture that I take.

The example of exquisite images featured here were poignantly captured in and around the Darling Downs and Scenic Rim regions of South East Queensland, showcased here in a dynamic but realistic presentation. My hope is that they convey the passion and inspiration with which they were taken. Please enjoy my journey.

Helen Robinson

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