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Welcome to Natural Country Living, natural products, country style, simple living. Be inspired with our range of gifts and homewares, natural handmade soaps and body products, gourmet foods, natural soy candles and alternative cleaning products for your home and body. We showcase a huge range of products.

Our shop is located in the heart of Warwick, 107 Palmerin St. If you live at or visiting the beautiful South East Queensland and town of Warwick, we invite you to drop in anytime you are passing through. 

We can also arrange DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA, so no matter where your location, our products are available for you to order right here on our user friendly web site.

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handmade soaps
tropical sensation handmade soaps
honey vanilla oatmeal handmade soaps
exotic rose handmade soaps
cedarwood scrub handmade soaps
bay orange handmade soaps


Ponchos and scarves available in a beautiful range of colours.

Available now in store and website delivery anywhere in Australia


herbal head lice handmade soaps
herbal head lice handmade soaps
herbal head lice handmade soaps

 Natural Herbal Head Lice Handmade Soaps

A fantastic soap with proven results. Just use instead of normal shampoo to help eradicate & prevent head lice. Herbal head lice handmade soaps contain all natural ingredients with tea tree, pennyroyal, citronella & neem high quality essential oils.

Available now in our natural handmade soaps shop. 


herbal head lice handmade soaps
herbal head lice handmade soaps


Natural Handmade Soaps Head Lice Treatment

herbal head lice handmade soaps
handmade soaps

Natural Handmade Soaps

Pure and natural, handmade soaps made in Australia. Handmade with all natural ingredients. Therefore, each soap is unique and has its own distinctive identity. At Natural Country Living, our passion is to bring you a range of handmade soaps inspired by nature. Above all, handmade soaps are perfect for all skin types. What’s more, natural handmade soaps are perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin, dry skin and aging skin.


Beautiful products for your body and home!

A unique range of handmade soaps, body products, eco friendly alternatives and country style homewares. Flat rate delivery available anywhere in Australia for only $16.50 per order. In addition, all deliveries have full tracking while in transit, this gives you the peace of mind to shop online with confidence.

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Body Butter Wild Lemon Myrtle
soy candle lemon myrtle
bay orange handmade soaps
honey vanilla oatmeal handmade soaps

Beautiful Natural Colours

Of course, bright colours are really eye catching and attractive, but naturally coloured soaps do not have to be boring. We use many natural clays, herbs, spices, botanicals. Surprisingly, even honey and cocoa powder creates unique and beautiful soaps. Undoubtedly, you will find a perfect soap that is just what you are looking for.

Clay’s have been used to benefit the skin since ancient times. Minerals are absorbed through the skin to clean, nourish and soften. These beautiful clay soaps will help moisturise the skin. In addition, remove dead skin cells, revitalise the complexion and remove toxins from your skin.

Rest assured, handmade soaps do not strip your skin of natural oils the way commercial soaps can. In handcrafted, handmade soaps the moisturising glycerin remains in the soaps. Handmade soaps are truly 100% natural from start to finish.  You can feel the difference! When you use our handmade soaps, you are nourishing your skin, not drying it out. The lather that natural handmade soaps create is extremely creamy and bubbly and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Treat yourself today and find out how good natural handmade soaps can be to your skin.

cocoa mint handmade soaps
creamy coconut handmade soaps